Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday thoughts

Salad time!

I always forget how fast they grow. It's been almost two weeks, and they've tripled. The barred rock Emmy is a bit crazy, but the other two are so docile and relaxed-- a big change from last year's brood, I must admit. And a welcome change. It's nice to have chicks who don't mind being held.

I am at 760 words on my article. In addition to the writing, I also spent several pleasant hours sewing gifts-- and I will reveal the fruits of that labor on Monday. I was so, so thankful for the rain that forced me inside this week-- and my peas and leeks were thankful, too. 

The shar pei mix--Dale-- got returned to the shelter, and I spent three sleepless hours last night excitedly hoping things would work out. Our application is next in line, the shelter person told me, but I need to find out why he got returned. Sigh. We've walked nearly a dozen dogs at this point, and are realizing that love at first sight is mighty hard to come by. I've got my fingers crossed.

This is shaping up to be a good, down-home, low-key sort of weekend. Patrick goes into the studio all day Saturday-- and I take a wee drive to visit Alexis and possibly Kat, too-- and Sunday we are opening a big 'ol can of whoop-ass on the old homestead. May is so hard to keep up with, but we're doing our best.

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kelly said...

Maybe its fate that was returned so that you could get him?

It is important to know why he was returned, but also recognize that some people have arrangements -- little kids, other dogs and animals, etc -- that you may not, that could have caused his return, i.e., there might not be anything wrong with him behaviorally if that's why you're worried.

I met two dogs I was hoping to adopt last year and had to turn them both down because they did not get along with my current dog. But in February we met a dog that got along great with him, and we adopted her. She was originally a stray, and then a shelter return just like Dale, because the household dog and cat did not like her.

I didn't have a bond when I first met her, and had to meet her twice, and then even fostered her for 2 weeks prior to committing. That foster process helped me bond with her and observe her in my house and with my dog, and see if she was a good fit. Maybe the your shelter has a foster-to-adopt program, or a trial adoption you could try with Dale?

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