Monday, April 29, 2013

Rites of spring

We watched the Morris Men dance. They tour this area every year-- dancers from Binghamton and Boston and New York City and Toronto, and it is a real joy to mark the season with their annual performance. We went to look at more shelter dogs, and admittedly didn't "fall" for anyone. This is going to be a long process, I think. We completely shirked off responsibility (and our rapidly growing lawn) on Sunday and drove to Syracuse. We hadn't been to Syracuse together in over a year. It used to be an hour away, and now it is the better part of two, and that makes a big difference. But. Syracuse has a zoo, and some genuinely good restaurants, and is near a state park second-to-none for spring wildflowers (Clark Reservation State Park) and so it was nice to be there again. It was seventy degrees, and I pinked up my shoulders nicely, and we were home in time for dinner and an evening campfire. 

It was lovely to pause from homestead work and do something just purely fun. And now, under a soft gray blanket of clouds and a little bit o drizzling rain, I'm going to get out there and get back into it. A gentler sort of week than last, to be sure, but still one full of projects.

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Becky said...

Good for you two! A weekend "off" is good for the soul.

Kaity said...


Have tried Golden Retriever rescues? I googled it for NY and there are several, here's one~ Maybe you have tried but I am just trying to help you find a love bug! We have a GoldenDoodle pup who perfect in every way! Good luck...and BTW, great strides with that Christmas camera. Wish I was closer so you could teach me... are you shooting auto or manual? Erica H

Kristina Strain said...

We aren't going to be too choosy about breed, though admittedly we do like retrievers. We're applying at a border collie rescue at the moment. Thanks for the camera kudos-- still just in auto mode, but learning more each day!

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