Friday, April 5, 2013

My new favorite room

Are you ready? Really ready? First, start a little Eye of the Tiger going on in the back of your mind, while I re-visit the Befores, and the Durings, for the last time.

Here we go.

Let us never speak of all that horribleness again. Now it is time for the Afters.


Guyssss. I'm in LOVE. I actually painted the room twice-- first, a very unfortunate aqua I'd mixed from leftover paint around the house, and then quickly-- very quickly-- this soft dusky gray-beige. (Or, okay, I'll unofficially admit that it's really purple. I wasn't going for purple. The color is called "London Coach." It didn't LOOK purple at Lowe's, but the good news is, I don't mind its purple-ness.)

It ties everything in so well-- the rug and the shower curtain, the warm wood of the buffet, the purple tones in the art I've had forever and been planning to hang in here. I'd gone on a BIG shopping trip last Friday in Binghamton-- it was one of those stars-aligned days of Good Shopping Karma, and given that it'd been three solid months since I'd shopped at all, well, I was due. I went antiquing for old hardware (to replace what was broken on the buffet) and to find a giant vase for that corner (check!) and a giant mirror for above the sink (check check!) and then I ended up coming home with that coat rack to use for towels, and found a bunch of great sweaters at Goodwill, and... well, it was just one of those awesome days.

And I found the shower curtain at Goodwill, too, still in the box from Target. Six bucks.

And did I tell you the mirror was $25? I spotted it and fell in love, and was bracing myself for the guy to tell me $60. Because it looks like a $60, right?

The room was coming together in my head, SO FAST, driving home from that shopping trip. 

(Had to sneak one more before in there, just for good measure.)

Whew. Of course, not everything is crossed off yet, but it's going to take a little while for that. First, I'm going to install two narrow little shelves in the alcove above the toilet. They will be stained dark walnut and varnished. I want to make a faux Roman blind for the window. I am totally at a loss for what sort of fabric I should go with there-- any ideas? Then I'm going to spray paint the heating register glossy black, and Dad's going to modify the middle drawer of the buffet to accommodate the plumbing, and then we can put it back in place.

Last but not least, I'm going to save my pennies for a ceiling fixture from Rejuvenation-- I think, unless I find an antique or reclaimed one I like before that-- to jive with the deco-ish-ness of the mirror. 

Oh, and we still need a threshold. See? It never, ever, truly ends. But at least now I get to smile with glee every single time I walk into the room. It feels like a hotel-- and damn, is that a good feeling.

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Becky said...

That isn't even the same room!! It has come together beautifully! I'm at a loss for window treatments in a couple of rooms for our new place. IF you could find another of those shower curtains, provided it's fabric rather than plastic, that would make a cool roman shade. Maybe?

Kristina Strain said...

I like that idea very much! And thanks for your comment-- it's so nice to know someone out there is still reading here, since most times it's just me and tumbleweeds...

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