Wednesday, April 24, 2013

An improvement

Well. I had intended to give you pictures of our chickens enjoying their new yard. Today was their first day in it, so I let them out as I always do, then went to make tea and eat breakfast, and came back outside to photograph the scene just in time to see Loretta clear the fence in one winged leap.


Oh well. Picture three rascally chickens scratching in the dirt on the other side of the fence, here. 

This was a pleasing project. I spent $49 on fence posts, two of which I didn't even use. I had plenty of welded wire fencing left over from last year's garden fence project, which I used for the compost bin area. Those great framed wire panels came free from our neighbors. I agreed to take them before I even realized they fit the scope of this little project like a glove. I needed about 30 linear feet of fencing, for the chicken yard, and our neighbors were giving away just over 34 feet. That is serendipity.

Here's the old yard area, for reference. It didn't look so bad when it was first constructed, but then it started to droop... and I had to add a droopy chicken wire roof to keep Genevieve in, before she had a flock...

Much better:

The rest of the materials I culled from the burgeoning lumber-pile that has taken up residence in the greenhouse: a deconstructed shipping pallet, a few spare 4x4s, etc. That's one thing they don't tell you about being a DIY-er. Materials accumulate in unsuspecting places.

Now, to move those haybales-- which I think served as chicken launchpad this morning-- and hopefully keep my charges inside the fence tomorrow morning. Darn feather-jumpers.

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Unknown said...

If you don't clip their wings they will fly out. They're pretty good jumpers and climb us on things to launch out. The grass is always greener....

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