Monday, March 18, 2013


Some bloggers are really good at gauging when they're ready for a break. Some bloggers are up-front about their brief disappearances, they give notice, they meet expectations. I am not one of those. I had no idea I needed to step away from this space for a few weeks, until I realized it had been  a few weeks, and then I was ready to come back. 
Really, it started-- my process of re-entry to the blog world-- with moving Patsy back into the coop. And cleaning.

This is the best my office has looked in months. I guess I cleaned after Christmas, but I don't really remember. All I know is, after two weeks of serving as part injured-chicken-palace, it was ready to be cleaned again, with feeling. So, I cleaned, and later that afternoon I layed out five yards of pretty dotty-stripe cotton and made a curtain (one of two) for a friend who is expecting triplets. The baby quilts are being covered by my friend's mom, so I volunteered for nursery curtain duty. 
Meanwhile, Patsy--

Patsy is doing just fine, and better, actually, than I expected. Still hobbling, but definitely regaining some limber-ness in her yellow toes, and able to roost, and navigate the ramp to the yard, and the brown egg we found yesterday may have been hers. 
We have decided the chickens will no longer be free-range. All week, the week after the attack, I was totally on-edge whenever I heard a dog barking. I would get up from my desk and run to the window, scanning the yard like a hawk, ready to spring into action. Well. I can live without the stress of that in my life, thanks. A sizable chicken yard expansion is in the works for summertime, and maybe a few years down the line we'll even fence an area the size of the garden, and build them a new coop, and cut a hole in the garden fence so they can forage in there, in the off-season. I think that would be pretty sweet living, actually. 
I walked around and took a bunch of photos yesterday, so I'll be hopping back on Wednesday and Friday this week for further updates. Including bathroom photos-- or, at least, shower photos. You'll see.

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Becky said...

I went back to blogging with gusto and my computer rebelled. I use Hubby's but don't want to load it up with all my pics so when my puter is fixed I'll be back.

Your Office is beautiful! And so glad that Patsy is doing better. An expanded yard for the gals will fix your anxiety!

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