Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Inside jobs

We got seven inches of snow yesterday, and today is supposed to be the first day of spring. Ha, ha, ha, I can hear someone, somewhere saying. We had clear ground, completely clear ground, on Monday, and I was out raking, and taking pictures of snowdrops, and then this happened. I'll save those snowdrop photos for another day, and focus on inside for this post. Inside, things have been shaping up.

Our bathroom is at that point where, if you zoom in enough, it looks amazing. Zoom out and you see ungrouted tile on two walls, patched drywall, and lots of roughness, still. But zoom in, and, ahhhh...

I've always been a five-minute shower kinda girl, but lately I've been spending excessive time petting this tile while standing under our new and very much amazing showerhead. It's so PURTY! 

That band of accent tile was my FIL's idea, and those little cubbies, too. He is SO good with tile, and this has been a rough job. The marble floor tiles kept cracking and chipping as he cut them, and these subway tiles require four spacers apiece. And they cover 124 square feet of wall. We're maybe 40% done with the whole room, at this point-- still need the sink, light fixture, drywall fun, paint, mirror, and shelves behind the toilet. BUT having this perfect, complete shower setup is a huge, delicious treat, and this makes it easier to get through the work that's left.


I finished the runner, and it came to live on our table. Pretty thing. 

Then I was out at Joann's for some curtain lining fabric (for the curtains!) and a package of sheet moss magically found its way into my basket. Imagine that! I've always wanted to play with sheet moss.

So, I did. I played with sheet moss and blown eggs and fabric scraps and Spanish moss and broken bits of china I've been saving my whole life for exactly this purpose. (Maybe it only seems that way.)

Then I spent about twenty minutes pre-dinner walking around with my camera. I love that it's still light enough to take pictures at 6 o'clock. 

I love that spring is there, almost, under all that snow. I love that there are trellises in my garden that I put up a week and a half ago, pre-snow, and seedlings in the cold frame, too. Spring is late, but she's coming.

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Becky said...

I'd be a longer shower taker too with that gorgeous tub surround!

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