Friday, March 1, 2013

Better days

I had no idea how much I would enjoy having an office mate. She's a distraction, sure, but a welcome one. Sometimes I look over and just watch her blinking, or moving her pretty bird head. I make her food-- all the best, tastiest possible morsels I can dream up-- and she eats, and I feel satisfied. Yesterday she ate half a hard boiled egg-- don't flinch, I read that an egg is supposed to be really good for an injured bird! Patsy seemed to agree.

I devoted Wednesday to self-cheer. Not self-care; I'm already super good at that. Self-cheer. Somehow I'd become derailed from my usual song of gratitude for all the many amazing little things in this life that are good.

Re-reading the blog is always good medicine. I did that for awhile. I read about last year, about putting up the garden fence, and rolling sod, and laying my brick paths, and it was a good reminder of what spring feels like. Spring is not as early as it was last year, but it is still there, right around the corner. 

We came such a long way last spring and summer, so many of the Big Things are done and can be used or admired. 

And now I have a camera that can take pictures of falling snow.

And soon I will have a finished table runner to add some handmade-ness to my dining room.

And I have found a small writing opportunity to add to my roster of projects, to add income to the coffers, to finance the (smaller, more manageable) projects this year holds in store. 

And the plumbing has been fixed in Binghamton, and the water has been turned back on, and though our Gilbertsville bathroom has been put on hold while we address our Binghamton house, it does boast a fully functional and totally spa-like shower, and I have been looking forward to my evening showers all day long.

And now it is March, and March is a good month.

It's easy to let a small tragedy like this-- like our chickens-- overwhelm my whole little world. That's the thing about working at home. Myopia is completely inevitable, and mostly pleasant when The Little Things are happy and warm and bright. When bad things happen, though, I need to open up and look at the big picture. Chickens are just one aspect of living here, and they are good, and mostly they are happy and healthy. We'll be getting a few chicks this year, again, so we have that to look forward to, along with everything else.

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Meand3Jays said...

Patsy is a cutie pie. I'm happy that you both are doing better!

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