Wednesday, January 9, 2013


In the way of all things, it gets ugly before it gets pretty. 

That's okay. In the mean time, there is archaeology to contemplate. Layers of vinyl and plywood and hardwood to peel away and wonder at.

And the new tile to think about and envision in place. We went shopping on Sunday, and came home with a truckload. I had imagined we'd go with stone-look ceramic for the floor, but then these boxes of clearance marble eyed me from their pallet and whispered my name.

So then they came home with us. We sapped out the store's stock of white subway tile, too, and chose a big, deep soaker tub and a fancy schmancy "raincan" showerhead. 

I am so incredibly unbelievably ecstatic for my first soak in that bathtub. 

In other news, we've decided to keep our toilet. It seems there aren't a lot of options in between the very basic $89 toilets that look blah and the ridiculous designer toilets that are $800 and up. Our current one has nice lines, y'know, for a toilet, and it's in fine shape. So, there's a few hundred dollars saved. Yes.

I'm still not sure about wall color, but with the marble the whole room could really rock this look, which I find myself fall more and more in love with... ahhh, we'll see...

Alright. Time to get my butt to Norwich for my weekly Zumba class (fun!) and then spend the afternoon touring antiques places, looking for the perfect buffet to turn into a sink. Wish me heaps of good antiquing karma.

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Becky said...

Can't wait to see!! What the heck is a rainbucket shower head?

Here's to hoping you found the perfect nest for your sink.

Kristina Strain said...

A raincan (ha!) showerhead is one of the big whomping ones that makes rain-like spray. I fell in love with one in a hotel in Greece-- it made showering a darn near religious experience.

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