Monday, December 17, 2012

Hints and whispers

I worked Saturday evening and all through a long gray Sunday afternoon. It was delightful.

This Christmas, I've been able to rekindle my cozy crafty fires, and it feels so good. I haven't shared much of what I've been making, because, well. Surprises are important. But today I can share these things that are in-progress, or for people who don't see my blog. I have to share something. I'm having too much fun with glitter bottles and paper hexagons and paper mache.

And a funny little pinecone lion I've been fiddling with.

And this, in the works.

And a bulletin board I made from leftover tile from our downstairs bathroom. I cut hexagons from adhesive-backed cork tile, put painters tape over them, grouted them in place and peeled the tape off. Worked like the charm. The idea is the tiles can be used for dry-erase messages and the cork tiles can be used to pin notes up. I covered plain brass tacks with colored buttons, and sewed up a pouch to hold markers and an eraser.

Anyway, those are just a few of my favorites this year. What sort of wondrous things are happening in your studio/craft room/kitchen this season?

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Becky said...

The lion is so very cute! The only person I crafted for is our almost 3 year old Grand Daughter. I made one of those flip dolls. One end is a TarHeel Cheerleader and the other a very shiny Ballerina.

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