Wednesday, October 31, 2012


In the end, the hurricane luckily brought us nothing more than a few hours of exciting-scary wind, minimal rain, and an excuse to hunker down, eat soup, and play board games Monday night. We never even lost power. After last year's two hurricanes-- one that nailed the Catskills, and the other that nearly obliterated Owego, for the second time in five years-- we were overdue for a pass. 

This morning, letting the chickens out and walking around the garden I'd cautiously hoped would survive the storm, I nearly tripped on that big, safe blanket of provision-- this is why I homestead, I thought. For that garden, for those chickens. For realizing that, when a storm comes, the preparations are already there, especially this time of year: rows of canned goods, a full chest freezer, neighbors with a wood stove. A very lucky thing. 

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BeckyinVT said...

Exactly. We too were thankful to be passed over by the storm. But I agree that storms remind me why I like to be prepared. I finally broke down and bought a generator this year because the thought of having no power for a week and 24 chickens in the freezer was giving me stress-dreams.

Kristina Strain said...

Ooh yeah, that'd do it! A generator is pretty high on my wish list of the moment, too. The only thing I was really scared of was the basement flooding and losing my chest freezer.

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