Friday, October 19, 2012

A few things

  • Thunder this morning. I snuck out between storms for a picture. I plan on living here for a good fifty years at least, and I anticipate that view will always stand me still. It's stunning in every season.
  • Genevieve has not come home to our coop, or our neighbor's coop, for three nights. A twilight sweep of the adjacent property, last night, did not reveal to me her hiding place. She can be seen during daylight hours, foraging, so we know she's safe. Just wild and independent. A famously difficult chicken.

  • I have eaten kale in every meal of this week. All hail, the kale. Braised with blue cheese and walnuts, simmered in stock with wild rice for soup, mixed into a hearty bread pudding with butternut squash. 
  • I replaced the fishing line in my deer fence with light wire a few weeks ago now, and in some places I twisted small bits of wire around the outside almost like barbs-- though they're not really sharp-- and it is thrillingly keeping the buggers OUT. Hence, we are able to harvest and enjoy our kale.
  • I've started playing guitar again, which is making the tips of my fingers so sore they're almost numb. This makes typing difficult. But it feels so good to play.

  • The porch is coming along, finally. Hello, pretty yellow door. And hello, pretty painted storm windows. The white is primer; after I finish this post I'm going downstairs in the thundering to apply some cream-colored paint over top. We are getting deliciously close to priming and painting the siding, which is fortunate since it's nearly November. Ah, projects.
Have a good weekend, everyone!

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