Monday, September 17, 2012

Laundry room progress

Patrick was gone nearly all weekend. After nearly two years as a nearly full-time band wife, I've learned that when I can't put my arms around my sweetie, I need to put my arms around power tools. The nail gun came out to play-- that was the best part. I cut baseboards for those places that were missing baseboards-- just pieces of whitewood I'd primed and painted last week. It's amazing what a difference trim makes.

The before pictures are all collected in this post.

I broke out the BIN on Friday night and slathered it over the water stains. Then I put ceiling paint over the primer, and then I reapplied the wall color with an edging brush for a clean line. Oh, AND I cut and fit pieces of quarter-round into that weird gap that was there-- see before pictures-- from where a chimney once lived. Each task was ten or fifteen minutes, but man, it's amazing how they do stack up. Despite the buckled paint in places, and the lumps and bumps, I'm satisfied. It's an old house. Lumps and bumps are part of the package.

Friday night I got busy in the closet. I was listening to Ani Difranco, again, and finding myself SO nostalgic for that Friday night nearly two years ago-- my first night working alone in the house-- when I listened to Ani and painted the closet shelves while Patrick was at a gig. Ancient history.

I mixed together two bad colors-- Apricot Mousse and Filoti Yew--in a roller tray and came up with a nice artichoke color. Way better than the dinged and dingy white primer it wore before.

It's hard to tell in this picture, but I laid down some nice new tiles over top of the gunked-up flooboards from the before picture. They're all marbly and swirly and shiny and gorgeous. 

Here's where we stand now, on my laundry room laundry list:
  • Paint cabinets
  • Patch baseboards
  • Patch ceiling trim where chimney used to be
  • Prime ceiling stains
  • Touch up ceiling
  • Touch up walls
  • Paint closet
  • Address closet floor
  • Put swing-arm sconce on wall over couch
  • Rehang art
  • Vanquish clutter
  • Swap out ceiling fixture
  • Make curtain rods and curtains for doorway and closet
  • Install fold-down ironing board

Not bad for one week. Of course, the next things are going to be mostly bigger and more expensive, which is just the way of things, I suppose. Sigh. On it goes.

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