Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunday postcards

I'm feeling the need to step back a little bit at the moment. First of all, I'm running out of things to say about summertime and my slow and subtle project progress. I've been working on digging out the foundation where the greenhouse is going to be for weeks, (7'2" x 8'9", six inches deep; that is a lot of dirt) and have nothing particularly exciting or interesting to show for it, except a dusty hole in the rocky red clay earth. It's rewarding to me, but sharing it here would glaze your eyes. 

Meanwhile, the garden continues to be amazing, the weather continues to be bone, bone dry. 

Our weeks, and our lives this summer are boiling down to Sunday evenings. It's the best part of the week, those acutely distilled four hours. We mix cocktails with garden herbs, we grill, we sit in camp chairs, we sigh as the dew falls, we watch fireflies. Last night we had a fire. Last night we ate honey-lemon-vanilla custard with blueberries, and grilled black bean cumin burgers, and horseradish potato salad with chunks of dill pickle. It was heaven.

I think the rest of this summer is going to take the shape of postcards. Blog postcards. A couple of captioned photos is all you really need, after all, and I'm funneling so many words into other areas of my life (assignments!) that I'm feeling a little short on words to share here. So, let my month or so as a photo-blogger commence!

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Meand3Jays said...

Just so long as you keep blogging:-)

Becky said...

I agree - just as long as you keep blogging. Your pictures and words bring many a smile!

Kelly said...

Yeah keep blogging, even if its just pictures. I myself am very visually oriented, so I love pictures just as much as content! Don't you guys also have a dog, a boston terrier i think? How's he doing?

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