Monday, July 30, 2012

Garden scenes

Zucchini swelling. We've been eating them almost as frequently as green beans.

Cucumbers. A pickling session is in the works this week.

Coreopsis I grew from seed. So pretty.

Baby butternuts. Never grown winter squash successfully before, but it looks like I'm on my way this year.


Pete in the raspberries. Beguiling creature.
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Huhnybee said...

When dill flowers, it reminds me of fireworks! That is a fantastic picture! :}

Becky said...

I thought the exact same thing - Dill Fireworks! Lovely, lovely garden and Pete too!

misti said...

I've always found it interesting that people grow cukes on the ground. We've had great success in trellising them.

Love your butternuts, I'm going to have to nurse mine back from the heat of summer.

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