Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Garden tour

Next year, I need taller pea fence. I need to suck it up and pull more volunteer cilantro, for come June it shades the bean rows. Next year, the lettuces need more space, as do the broccolies, and the chives need dividing.

But some things are perfect: the California poppy seeds I scattered down my potatoes, which only took about 45 days from seed to blossom. The shocking blue borage opening its bashful woolly heads among a forest of volunteer dill. My tomato plants, for whatever reason, are kicking butt and taking names. I gave them more space than last year-- maybe that makes all the difference? I planted cilantro in amongst my broccoli, on the theory that its flowers might attract enough beneficial bugs that the cabbage loopers wouldn't show. And I'm pleased to report that once the cilantro got tall enough to rise above the broccoli, the loopers disappeared. I will keep you posted, but so far this seems like a pretty smart deal. Last night we ate Sesame baked tofu with peas, and the night before that we ate a mountain of broccoli braised in garlic with white beans and pasta, and tonight we'll eat a mountain of lettuce. 

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

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Becky said...

Beautiful lush mountain of beautiful yummyness!

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