Monday, March 26, 2012

The view from here

This is where I'm standing when I feel luckiest. It's the north-facing window in my second-floor office, and this is what I can see, this time of year, when I look out. 

Hello, heaven. Hello good neighbors and pretty forsythia bushes, hello brick pile and future shed foundation. Hello fence! Hello asparagus patch and raspberry patch and whole unbroken promise of this year's growing season. 

This time last year, we were nigh unto stripping and sanding floors. There was no garden, no chicken coop and yard, no orchard, no raspberries or asparagus. The house was just a house and a promise, nowhere near home, yet. Headed into this year's busy time, I feel so grateful for the infrastructure already established, all the things that won't need to be re-done now that they've been done once. Even better, I know some year in the future, spring will be easier still: just a till and a rake and some seeds is all it will take. Hopefully when we're at that point, the wonderful beautiful things I'm imagining now will all be reality. They'll be part of this view, too, and I'll probably feel even luckier, and even sappier, than I do now.

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katherine mary said...

perfection. i love it!!

Becky said...

What a great view! So much progress - I am impressed.

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