Friday, March 2, 2012

Long-awaited return of camera

Friendly pelicans.

My goodness, it's like a lost limb. When I packed up our big bin of camping stuff in Miami (before leaving for the airport) and realized my camera was in the bottom, and didn't feel like repacking everything, I had no idea how much I'd miss it, and this here blog. It's nice to be reunited.

Sure, I could've blogged without pictures, but who really wants that? Besides, I have some great time-lapse-style home improvement photos to show off next week. But before we get to all that, a run-down of our time in Miami.

Note sunburn.

At Jimbo's, the fabulous island bar.

We walked across the island almost every night for beers on the bay and the possibility of manatee sightings.

The Everglades. This must be where they park the crocodiles.

Beach, right over the dune from camp. Very shelly.

Dancing to Driftwood.

A sign near the festival. We only saw crocs in the Everglades, but apparently some live on the island as well.
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Stephanie said...

Looks like a fun trip! Peace, Stephanie

Becky said...

What fun! I named those crocodiles for you - Boots, Belts, Shoes and Purses. Just kidding, but dang you were too close to 'em for my comfort!

katherine mary said...

wow. that's all i can say.

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