Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I will confess, I'm just a little bit obsessed with this here shelf. It is everything I need it to be: strong, white, clean but not hit-you-over-the-head-with-minimalism. And that storage. Oh my. Yesterday I finally checked off a dinky little project-- a prettifying project-- that ended up taking way longer than it should've. That happens, sometimes. But it's okay. It was worth it.

I hacked the big IKEA boxes the shelf came in into tidy 13 x 13" squares, covered them with fabric, and made sort of a checkerboard background for my shelf. It isn't perfect, but it makes me smile. 

On the bottom shelf, I turned three office paper boxes into "drawers" (by trimming off a few inches and reshaping each box with ample duct tape) and used the fabric-covered cardboard on the fronts, not the backs. The effect is, I think, pretty darn similar to the inserts IKEA sells for this shelf, but these had the distinct advantage of being free. Here's a better picture of the "drawers."

Pretty good, I think. 

Anyhow. Just wanted to pop in and show that off. Cheers!

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karen said...

I love the fabrics behind them and the free draws!

Kristina Strain said...

Thanks Karen, glad you like them.

Becky said...

Free is always wonderful! Re-purposing is one of my favorite activities. Your shelves just keep getting better and better!

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