Monday, November 21, 2011

Presto, chango!

I don't think I'd ever showed you our downstairs bathroom, had I? Well, don't get attached to the view above, because now it looks like this.

Oh, what a difference a coat of paint makes. I did trim, walls, and ceiling. If the color looks familiar, it's because it's the same as our hallway. Behr Baked Brie.  All else being equal, I'd rather have a gallon of actual baked brie than a gallon of baked brie-colored paint. Every time I think of the color, I start to salivate.

As far as plans go, I've been inspired by a couple of Pinterest pics. Namely,

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

..which means I'm thinking of painting the vanity... green, perhaps? Wrong! I'm actually envisioning a vibrant yellow, which will tie the shower curtain (made from a sheet, in case you're wondering) in nicely. Though I did just come home with some very punchy brown-and-white voile to make curtains from, and once those are hung I might decide it's just a little too much punch, and try bleaching the curtain to make it more muted. Who knows. Decorating is such an evolutionary thing.

Oh, and for reference, this is a close-up of the trim before.

YUCK! Kids, don't smoke. This is what happens. Smoking will turn your crisp white window trim to dinge in no time. 

So, here's another thing crossed off my before-Christmas punch list. Paint downstairs bathroom. Check!

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alanna rose said...

Nice work! Please share the baked Brie...I'm so craving some right now.

I love that first inspiration pic...might need to steal it for a bathroom project this winter ;)

Becky said...

Have you ever painted only to have the smoke dinginess seep back to the top? Once - that's when I learned to use Kilz!

Take a break on Turkey Day okay? You're making the rest of us DIYers look bad ;)

Kristina Strain said...

Hope that doesn't happen to us, Becky! So far in the rest of the house regular paint has been fine. Fingers crossed.

A break will be taken today, don't you worry. :)

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