Monday, October 3, 2011


The change in the weather has got me a little tied up in knots. All of a sudden, it seems, it's autumn-- season of scurrying and preparing and feathering the nest and girding for winter. Our first winter living here full-time. Over the weekend, we accomplished much in preparation for winter. Patrick vented our clothes dryer and sealed the one-inch crack under our front door. I stuffed our freezer with yet more produce-- tomatoes, peppers, pears-- before it's all gone until next summer. Together we raked leaves. The compost bin is brimming.

In between the things we accomplished, and my constant propensity towards worrying too much, there was happy times.

Sunday morning waffles with friends and babies. (I love our friends with babies. FWB?) We enjoyed the park again, together, as we had back in June. (I love that park, too.)

Patrick indulged in a Sunday afternoon hike. We went to Gilbert Lake State Park, and dodged the trail puddles and admired the foliage.

Last night, I set up my new laptop, and I'm just a little bit in love. I have four weeks, it looks like, until I start working from home. Four weeks. Lord willin' and the creeks don't rise, I'm tempted to add, because, well, it's scary to walk away from semi-stability and into the Great Unknown of being a freelance writer. There is no autopilot, in this new world I'm walking towards. No playing hooky. No getting away with less than 100%.

No commute, co-workers, boss, or charges either, I should add. Am I ever eager for that aspect.

It's shaping up: desk, laptop, big IKEA shelf. I need to show you some photos. Maybe this week.

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Becky said...

Being your own boss is wonderful! And sometimes hard. I know I am too easily distracted by the computer but I'm getting better at setting limits. You are gonna love it!

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