Monday, August 22, 2011

Antiques and angels and still, the tomatoes


Notes from my week:
  • Garden-wise, I continue to spend lots of time slicing tomatoes. After eating gazpacho and grilled cherry tomato skewers and corn on the cob last night, I sat and thought, for the first delicious time, about next year's garden. Because it's never too early for that, right?
  • Work-wise, I keep feeling the presence of angels. Or fate. Or something. Have you ever had that feeling? I've been wanting and working towards this writing thing for so long (it seems), and feeling like I'm ever-so-far away, still, and feeling frustrated. And then, suddenly, one day I was right around the corner. Like I'd been riding grumpily on the back of a goat for miles, and then I hopped on a plane and zip, I was there. No offense to goats.
  • Saturday morning, I opened the drawer where I stuff my tip money, and was pleasantly surprised. I loaded my bag with a tape measure and a camera and a water bottle and a wad of bills, and I drove to the Madison-Bouckville antiques show. And I had a freaking fabulous time. Part of my haul is pictured above. Best score: a plate commemorating the 185th anniversary of the settlement of Gilbertsville, for $10. The etching on the front is by a local artist, Frank Eckmair, who I have the pleasure of serving each and every night I waitress in town. 
  • Spent lots of time yesterday walking around the yard with Patrick and Diesel and Pete and Ophelia. That was the best part.
How was your week?

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