Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Received Anna Maria Horner fabric in the mail (= bliss.)

Spent a whole Saturday driving to Binghamton and loading and unloading the truck again. An iced latte, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, lunch in the "old neighborhood," and time with my sweetie made it the nicest of days.

Was thankful for tables full of understanding customers Saturday night, who forgave me when the kitchen ran out of steak.

Left Gilbertsville in the pouring rain Sunday, embraced beautiful, glorious weather on the other side of the state.

Ate and drank and then ate and drank some more, and enjoyed fireworks over the lake.

Coasted back home yesterday, thankful for family, food, and a rare summer weekend with Patrick.

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Huhnybee said...

So, could you 'splain to me what that little bit of heaven is in the first picture. Am I to assume that there is a cake or other creation underneath all those beautiful berries?

Huhnybee said...

Oh, also, are those pickled potatoes?

Kristina Strain said...

The cake was his grandma's creation, involving red jello, cake mix, cool whip, and berries. Beyond that I'm not sure. The potatoes are from a mustard seed potato salad Jan made. My contribution was tofu with snap peas... just gonna go out on a limb here and guess you probably aren't interested in the recipe for that. :)

Karen said...

funny ... i grew UP with those corelle plates. my parents have the whole set!

Huhnybee said...

Tofu just a'int my thang, girl. But thanks anyway.

My grammy had those plates, too!

Becky said...

Well, now that all the culinary questions have been covered - who is that with Diesel!?

Kristina Strain said...

That's Dolly, his grandma's dog, a lhasa apso.

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