Thursday, June 16, 2011

Three days off

I am the beaming recipient of three unexpected days off. I am spending as much time as possible outside-- shoveling, dividing plants, hanging laundry, wielding power tools, canoodling with Pete. Getting things done.

These pictures are from yesterday. The highlights: relocating two walnut saplings, taking down a large section of fence which had leaned drunkenly since March, watching the cats stalk a chipmunk, preparing the taken-down fence-pieces to become a compost bin, which I'm going to get back to building now.

This is the life. If you don't hear from me until Monday, just know I'm likely covered in dirt/sawdust/sweat/small biting insects, and blissed out up to my eyebrows.

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katherine mary said...

was just thinking of you yesterday as I hung our laundry thinking, thanks to the strains these will dry so much faster!! I was wondering if you were going to do a line or one of those fancy umbrella looking things. I enjoy thinking of you in G-ville in your own personal heaven without interruption (barring loss of battery power) for a few days.

Kristina Strain said...

:) The house actually came *with* a clothesline. Definite selling point. I enjoy thinking of you in the blissful state of stay-at-home mamahood.

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