Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lush mini-jungle

Two weeks is a long time, in June. Two weeks ago, I posted a picture of the garden, and exclaimed, it's come a long way in two weeks! Now, predictably, I look back on that photo and roll my eyes: that was impressive? Oh b-b-baby, that was nothing.

Everything is looking so good. So freaking good. Considering I basically threw everything in the ground, with zero compost and the bare minimum of tilling, and now there's this lush mini-jungle of a garden happening, I am seriously impressed. 

The only pests I've experienced so far are flea beetles, which are fortunately more of an aesthetic annoyance than anything else. The arugula is fine; holey, but fine. It still tastes good.

Thrillingly, we've begun eating from the garden, as well. Mostly salads (YAY salads!) so far, but last night I made creamed kale (yes, creamed kale), and next week we'll be eating peas.

Latest pea harvest ever, but hey, better late than never, right? I love this time of year.

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