Friday, June 10, 2011

In the orchard

So many projects are going on here, all the time. Last night I told Patrick I want to clone myself: I could have an inside-working clone and an outside-working clone. A clone who goes to work and gets paid and a clone who stays home all day and gets things done.

Things are getting done, even sans clone. I forgot to announce, here, that I'd ordered fruit trees and raspberry bushes, and then I forgot to announce that they'd arrived in the mail, but I'll be DARNED if I'm going to forget to announce that everything has been planted, and is thriving.

The "orchard" as I love to call it, is behind the garage. Two Northstar dwarf cherry trees (reaching a maximum height of eight feet!), two semi-dwarf Golden Transparent apples, and two semi-dwarf Northern Spy apples. The apple trees will max out at 12 feet. 

I've never grown fruit trees before, and I'm a little intimidated. The chicken, and the big vegetable garden don't intimidate me, because I grew up watching my parents tend healthy and happy chickens and vegetable gardens. My parents did not, however, have luck with fruit trees. We had one (1) plum tree that dutifully grew a bit taller and bushier every year, but never once produced a plum. 

I've been doing my reading, though. I'm learning about pruning, and natural pest-deterrent sprays, and planning on planting chives around my trees just as soon as I can.

The twelve raspberry bushes went in over by the vegetable garden.

Remember that I mentioned I'd spent awhile reading up on chicken coop designs this week? Well, I was also comparison-shopping and pricing out cedar rail fencing for the garden. And for split rails, it'd be a thousand-dollar job, so maybe I'll look into plank fencing. I just can't wait for that fence; it'll make the whole operation so much more... (I'm using the term loosely here) polished. Get real, I'm talking about a garden fence with the same language interior designers use to discuss bed skirts and curtain finials? Well, yes, I am. So be it. It's my garden and if I want it to be polished, well then it damn well better be polished! Cedar fence and all.

Oh, and speaking of the garden.

It's come a long way in two weeks.

Tomorrow I get to show it all off: orchard, garden, house and yard. People are coming; LOTS of people. So now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to cleaning. But maybe first I'll hang my begonia baskets on the front porch. Because. You know.

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