Thursday, June 2, 2011

Flower Pillow Appliqué

Part one of the story is, I saw this pillow at Anthropologie awhile ago-- actually, I saw it in Anna Maria Horner's living room-- and I thought, oh, for Pete's sake, I could make that.

Naturally, I wasn't the first person to think I-could-make-that. I started seeing tutorials for making said pillow bouncing around on Pinterest. Lots of tutorials. (I love Pinterest.) The tutorials were really good, but I couldn't look at them without thinking about how I could improve them. That's it, really. That's why I'm a Maker.

Part two of the story is, I made a heady joyride of a Last Convenient Trip to JoAnn Fabrics a couple weeks ago, pre-move, and walked out with more pillow forms than I probably should have. They were fifty percent off; I was insatiable.

The project turned out to be WAY more time than any of the tutorials made it out to be. But I was completely fine with that. Give me permission to dump my scrap box on the floor and spend happy hours pawing through it and cutting petal shapes. I could sit and paw and cut for hours. I ended up drawing the petal shapes on paper, and cutting them out and tracing them. It added a lot to the project, but, it also means I have this great envelope of petal shapes to trace if I ever want to put a flower on another pillow, or tote bag, or...

I'm not sure where it's going to live, ultimately, but I do love that the flower shape is very similar (and complimentary) to the flowers painted on the great room wall. (Which, by the way, has not been touched in over a month-- chalk that up to the garden!)

I love that this was essentially an eight dollar project-- the cost of the pillow form only-- and that it's given new life to some teeny scraps I didn't want to part with. 

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thestoryofkat said...

It's great! I am going to click through the tutorials as I splurged on the anthro original once I was able to get it on sale and would love to make some additional ones.

So glad I clicked on the link to see your painted wall project...UHAMAZING! I am working on a large scale embroidery project and wondered if you could tell me how you got ahold of your overhead projector??

Kristina Strain said...

Hi, Kat, thanks for the comment! I rented my overhead projector for the princely sum of $18 for an entire weekend-- well worth it! It shouldn't be too hard to find one in your area. :)

Huhnybee said...

*Swoon* I LOVE THAT PILLOW. It turned out amazing. I wish I had the patience to sit down with something like that. Tote bags and bunny rabbits are about the extent of my patience these days.

Ashley M. [at] (never home)maker said...

AWESOME JOB! Oh, I so need to learn to sew now...

Becky said...

Love the pillow! You did a great job. Can't wait to see what's next in your Pillow Odyssey 2011!

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