Monday, April 4, 2011

The spirit of hooky

It might finally be spring for keeps. We had two near-50 days of bright sunshine in Gilbertsville. Though we did indeed get some work done (touch ups, floor sanding), the spirit of hooky permeated the weekend. Just like that first warm sunny schoolday, being pent-up indoors was almost unbearable. So, we gave in.

Diesel helped. We went outside and meandered around the backyard, looking at green daffodil nubs, but not Diesel. He downright pranced.

I love me some prancing terrier.

You all know me, and so you probably already know this: I can't wait to start digging around that big, green backyard. We staked out my garden plot. It's 50 x 50'. Yes, oh yes, I have waited so long.

All around there are little surprises popping out: tulips, snowdrops, irises. Enough daffodils to pave a city lot. Buds on a mysterious tree that make my heart race with anticipation. What is this lovely thing? Could it be a pear tree? I've always wanted a pear tree. And a cherry tree. And an apple tree. You know?

Sunday morning involved a sunny drive, a state park, a little exploring, and an old cemetery. It felt so good to let ourselves off the hook a little, and enjoy the day. In the end, the house will get done. Move-in will happen. We took this gorgeous April morning and made use of it, then.

We started a brush pile, which led to brush fire. A perfectly harmless, utilitarian excuse to be outside as long as possible.

There was raking, too, and springtime conversations with new neighbors.

And now it is spring, and our to-do list has suddenly mushroomed to include, "build a compost bin," "fence the garden," "paint the porch trim," and, "rake, rake, rake." But, that's okay. We can do all those things outside. And, how did that part go? The house will get done. Move-in will happen. Oh, right. It's all okay, then.

Good. How did you spend your weekend?


Becky said...

Ack! What a backyard!!!!! We have a good one too but not nearly as big as yours!!! 50 x 50!!! Daaaaaaannnngggggg!

I spent the weekend cutting and cutting and cutting out aprons! Going to be in a Craft Fest this Saturday!

Becky said...

PS You know I loves me a prancing Terrier too! Diesel looks right at home!

Kristina Strain said...

Yes, of COURSE you love some prancing terrier! Didya check out my new banner, too? (Not sure if you read through a reader or via the actual, live blog :))

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