Friday, January 14, 2011

Gravity, deadlines, and boxing

Poking my little head out from under a deadline (and like six different MS Word tabs open in my taskbar all at once; such is life!) to say: Hello! Sorry I've been scarce. I still love you.

The first part of the year is taking shape, and I think I have a pretty good idea of what it's going to look like. I am going to be writing, writing a lot. Making calls. Doing interviews. Multi-tasking. Being awesome. At home, the gravity of what we're doing is starting to sink in.

The gravity of moving. Oh, dear lord. The current plan is to initiate something called Boxing Night: one night per week Patrick and I devote to putting things in boxes and labeling them and stacking them someplace prominent so we remember to bring them to Gilbertsville. An actual Boxing Night, involving plushy gloves and a little silver bell, would be way more fun. But alas, such is life.

Fortunately for you-all, I'm smart enough to know that tales of boxing stuff up, labeling, organizing, piling up dead electronics for an e-waste recycling mission, and photos of the emerging Salvation Army Pile in the middle of our bedroom do not make good blog reading. Tales of Gilbertsville do make good reading, and I'll have more of those for you Tuesday.

But in between weekends in Gilbertsville, writing and moving. Not as blog-worthy as re-upholstering a couch, or canning peach salsa, or sewing a baby blanket. Still important, still necessary, still life.

Happy weekend, friends.


Becky said...

Oh the joys of Purge and Pack!!! eek! Don't discount the worth of writing about and sharing the process :)

Hope y'all have a superb weekend!

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