Thursday, December 9, 2010

O, Christmas Tree

Nothing is better than coming home to a dark house and immediately plugging in the Christmas tree. Instant mood lifter. We decorated on Tuesday night, putting all the familiar decorations in all the familiar places.

For the last time.

Next year, there will be a different house to decorate. I carry that thought-- that we are leaving this house-- in my mind constantly, marking time and taking note. It's making these holidays more meaningful, somehow, knowing this will be the last time in our first house together.

Next year, there will be new sights to savor. The table runner will find a new table to grace, the stockings may have to sit out a year (!) while we forage for and install a mantle in Gilbertsville. (In exchange for two extra bedrooms, 500 extra square feet, coffered ceilings, and land, we did have to make some concessions.) Next year we will have a full-size tree.

And speaking of trees, Sweetfern Handmade's Third Annual Christmas Tree Tour will take place next Friday, December 17th. If you'd like to be included (and you have a picture of your Christmas tree up on your blog) leave a comment on this post!

What transitions are you marking this season?


Becky said...

Your tree is beautiful!! So much to remember and so much more to look forward to!

Meredith said...

moving is so bittersweet for sure. we've only moved once in our marriage but i already dread doing it again. packing, saying goodbye... all that jazz. love your tree! happy holidays!!

Anonymous said...

Ooh! I just posted about my christmas tree today! How does the tree tour work?

Kelly said...

Tree looks great. I love reading your blog and enjoy sharing in your journey into your new home, it looks amazing already.

As for moving I know all about that. My husband is in the military and we often move, each time (more or less) I enjoy getting to figure out how each house will be decorated and then how each will display my holiday charms.

I plan on putting up my decoration pics in the next day or two and would love to be included in the virtual tour.

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