Thursday, November 4, 2010

A quiet evening

Twas the night before closing, and all through the house...

Kristina sat and savored the tranquility of an un-chaotic, put-together living room. She sat and drank tea and read Bon Appetit and watched the fire. She talked to Pete, curled sublimely on his afghan. And she thought about the encroaching closing. The ready-set-go of all the work and repairs and putting-together that's all still ahead. It's exciting, oh is it ever.

It's also a little like teetering on the brink of unspeakable chaos. Well, it is teetering on the brink of unspeakable chaos, I think.

I'm going to do my best to savor the calm, relaxed moments of the coming months. I'm pretty sure they will be rare.

I can't wait to show you all some progress on the new house. I can't wait to make some progress on the new house! We have been waiting so long! I have some colors picked out in my mind, some idyllic visions of how things will be that are probably a long way off, still.

Someone, tell me a good story of moving-day chaos. A good tale of home improvement gone awry. Soon, I think, I'll have good stories of my own to keep them company.


Danielle and Clint said...


Becky said...

Just remember to breathe as you do all this moving. As much as you *want* to have everything in place and just so, I find that often you have to actually live in a space before you can choose the curtain fabrics and paint colors.

Relax. It will all come together.


Huhnybee said...

The best feeling in the world was when I moved, I took one final look back at the curb as we pulled away and I had totally de-cluttered my life. Moving is cathartic. It's like a fresh start, a blank canvas, an open book!

Here's to your new blank canvas, m'dear. Can't wait to see it in person!

Lisa-Marie said...

I can't wait to see your new house, and how you put your stamp on it!

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