Friday, October 22, 2010

What we're thinking

I love our hikes. We talk about stuff. We take Diesel, or not, and spend time walking around in the woods participating in marriage. And botany.

Lately, this line has been showing up near-daily in our conversations.
Me: You know what I can't wait for?
Patrick: What?
Me: Loading up the truck with paint cans and heading to Gilbertsville.
Patrick: Hmmm.
Me: You know? Aren't you excited too? I just can't wait.
Patrick: Yes, dear.

We're getting closer. I'm not sure if we've set some sort of record here, but closing is taking a long time. We signed the contract in June. We had the inspection in August. Now it's two weeks shy of November, and the bank has just been dragging, dragging, dragging. But. You know? Once we close, it's going to be two-mortgage-payments-per-month until we sell our house in Binghamton. Who in their right mind would be looking forward to two mortgage payments?

Uh, me, I guess.

Soooon. I've been leafing through old Country Living and Country Home, flagging pages. I've been sending Design*Sponge pictures to my "Stuff I Like" folder with a little more urgency. Rooms are taking shape in my mind. All sixteen of them.

My annual post-Christmas seed catalog perusal will take on a life of its own, as I order asparagus crowns, and plot the 50 x 50 expanse where I plan to grow my garden.

I can't wait to start making it my own. That time will come. And me, I know that as wonderful as it will be to start making progress, in some ways this time is better than that time. More abstract. More fantasy. More perfect.

I need to keep reminding myself of that, as we get ever-closer.


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