Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Preparations: Stitching

Would it be October without a small, companionable stitching project to work on? I think not. My latest favorite activity is sitting on our kitchen couch, knees under a quilt and Pete on my feet, listening to This American Life, and stitching.

What's your favorite indoor autumn activity?


Lisa-Marie said...

How gorgeous, and what a lovely way to pass time.

My favourite way to pass autumn quiet time is either to read whilst I wait for a cake to bake, or do a bit of sewing and listen to the radio whilst waiting for a cake to bake!

Kristina Strain said...

Hmm, sounds like I've got the sewing + radio part down, I just need a cake in the oven! Must do.

Natalie said...

sewing! It is absolutely my favorite fall activity. Well in reality it is my favorite anytime activity. But it is especially fun in the fall/winter. Love the stitching!

Becky said...

Your stitchery is so cute! Will it be a red-work?

I sew and embroider. When it gets just a bit nippy I pull out the knitting and try to figure out what the UFO on the needles is/was going to become.

Kristina Strain said...

It's nothing nearly so formal as redwork, Becky. The color is actually more like a rusty orange-- the colors are a little weird in the picture. It's going to be a tea towel.

Anonymous said...

Currently that would be making knitting projects for our upcoming charity sale and listening to Radio Lab - yay for new skills and podcasts!
~MS the Younger ;)

Kristina Strain said...

Ooo, I love Radio Lab, too. Not as much as Ira Glass, though. He's such a handsome nerd-devil!

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