Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today it begins. Something I've been deeply enjoying looking forward to since April. Don't think we're moving yet; no, that won't happen for awhile. What I'm beginning today is a month off. I've tried, but I'm not sure I can get my head around that idea.

Busy is the girl with three jobs. That's me. Two years ago, as you might be tempted to read in the archives of this blog, I had zero jobs. I spent my days productively, canning and growing and wifing and home-making, and it was thoroughly enjoyable. I didn't necessarily want a job, but I knew that to move forward with life, one was necessary.

And then one came along. I started taking care of Patrick's grandmother in April of 2009. Then I started working one or two nights a week at Cyber Cafe. And then, recently, because my two other jobs aren't particularly creative or intellectual, and because neither one of them have anything to do with what I went to school for, I started writing for Grow and Make.

The cafe and the writing will continue for September, but the grandmother care will not. I will spend my time at home, where I love to be, especially in the cozy-ing up time of fall.

I'm not sure I would rather have off any other month. Think of the antiquing. Think of the nesting. Think of the canning! There are no less than fifty pounds of tomatoes downstairs in my kitchen as I write, and tomorrow they will be turned into sauce.

Corners will be excavated, and organized, and cleaned, and put back together. The pantry moth problem in my cupboard will be addressed. Apples will be picked. Many little articles, and one big, glossy, important article, will be written.

I'm making lists like crazy. I'm de-fragging my computer. I'm picking my husband up and taking him to lunch later. I love this. Isn't there someone who would pay me just to stay home and be awesome?

Get back to me on this, house-wifing is seriously addictive.


katherine mary said...

hey if you're just hanging out canning some day let me know - Z & I will swing by!! :)

Kristina Strain said...

Will do!

Karen said...

hope to be there someday, too! and might i say, this is mightily impressive, at your age (mine!)!

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