Monday, August 2, 2010

August Eve

Have you ever parked your car on a gravel road and stumbled upon a place like this?

The periwinkle blue sky, the periwinkle blue door, and the flushing hydrangeas were singing in harmony.

The air held hazy end-of-summer-afternoon light. The old stones bucked and leaned in their mossy banks.

The grass was soft.

Everytime we go back to Gilbertsville, I tell myself: It's not going to be the same. It's not as good as you remember. Surely there's some broken down houses you didn't see last time. Surely, surely. And everytime, we find it better than we left it. We find the little stone church with the blue door, surrounded by flushing hydrangeas.

I laid in the grass, and let the sun kiss my eyelids.

I watched my husband pausing and walking amid the stones.

And when it was done, and we were finished exploring, we headed down into town for dinner.

I'm not sure I believe in heaven. But if there is one, I'm pretty sure it looks like Gilbertsville.


katherine mary said...

looks gorgeous! i can't wait to see how serene the winter is - fields of untouched snow. it's gonna be fabulous!!

Becky said...

Beautiful! your pictures and your writing!

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