Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Independence Day

This weekend we journeyed west to Chataqua Lake, to celebrate the fourth with Patrick's family. The heat was stifling, but oh, the lake breezes were magnificent. There were state parks to explore.

Mini golf courses to try out. (He beat me!)

A baby quilt to work on.

The holy tradition of three generations in the kitchen, preparing a meal. Grandmother and granddaughter shucking corn.

Pesto chicken and marinated tofu perfected on the grill.

Hosta blossoms and penny mums stuffed into a mason jar.

And one of the most beautiful dinner plate-fuls I've seen. Sweet corn on the cob, potato salad with green beans, fruit salad, and grilled deliciousness.

In the evening, everyone on the block began to filter downward, to the shore. People passed by carrying lawn chairs and coolers, marshmallows and scrap wood for the neighborhood bonfire. A golf cart chauffeured old folks down to the dock. At a quarter after nine, fireworks began to explode in earnest, all around the lake.

I was struck by the neighborliness of it all: the feeling of community, the kids playing with each other, the shared smores and smiles and sparklers. At ten, everyone lit flares, and the whole shoreline was lit pink. Patrick and I raised our glasses. It was tremendously beautiful.

Best fourth ever! Hope yours was, as well.


Becky said...

Looks like a great time. You "let" Patrick win didn't you? heehee

karen said...

looks like lots of fun. love the little quilt, cute:)

Jabba said...

That sounds so great - I know what you mean by that neighbourly feel. The fireworks here draw more people so you don't get quite the same feeling.

Great quilt, I hope you post it when it's finished!

Karen said...

i had the SAME dinner plates growing up! i think everyone in new england did. the quilt looks pretty. glad you enjoyed your fourth! i love summer days like that.

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