Friday, June 11, 2010

Pea time

It's pea time. Has been for a few weeks, actually. It's so thrilling to come home from work and greet these gangly guys growing right next to our driveway. They were mere seeds a few months ago. Now they're the teenage boys of the vegetable world-- gawkish and roiling with energy, not quite sure how to inhabit their new and shocking bodies.

Where a more sensible person might plant begonias, I grow pea vines. Such is the plight of the die-hard gardener confined to a city lot.

For two weeks I've been picking almost daily, gathering modest bowlfuls to toss with pasta or or couscous or baked tofu, or else steam briefly and immure in freezer bags. Yes, it's begun, the local-foods-preservation-season. A good one. A busy one. T-minus one week until strawberry jam time, yee doggies.


Becky said...

Pea green with envy at your June is busting out allover garden!

Huhnybee said...

My peas look so sad compared to yours. Granted I'm doing a smaller amount in a window box, but I'm totally jealous anyway.

Earth Girl Knits (Emily) said...

Isn't it fun?! I found five or six on the vine the other day. Yeah, they still have a bit of maturing to do, but anyway... exciting!

Kristina said...

Peas are such a covert crop, aren't they? I read somewhere a suggestion that GM scientists should turn their efforts to growing pea vines with purple pods on them or something, so they're easier to harvest. Sounds like a good idea to me...

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