Sunday, May 30, 2010

Saturday scores

Let me set the scene: It was Saturday of Memorial weekend. A ripe time for yard sales. I knew my friend Kat was coming down for a little debauchery, while our respective men were away at afestival. Kat and I are both of good, frugal, resourceful upstate-New-York stock. We know how to re-fashion and re-finish and re-purpose, and most of all, we know how to haggle.

Was there any suitable way to spend the day but at a yard sale? But first, some waffles.

A good, hearty breakfast is important. Especially when perusing an entire table of elephant knick-knacks, and picking the one among the denizens that speaks to you.

The chair is my favorite: $10.

My Dad has one sort of like it: old and oakey, with brass fittings. Do you ever find your present desires shaped by something you loved and lived with 25 years ago? Me, too.

Not pictured: a lovely set of vintage sheets, white with the most delicate sky-blue viney flowers. They were taking a tumble in the dryer while I snapped these pictures.

What has the long weekend brought you so far? Good things, I hope.

Headed down to visit some wonderful friends tomorrow, be back Wednesday!


Ashley said...

those are some awesome finds, kristina!

karen said...

i agree, i especially LOVE the beautiful wooden chair and the little elephant. lucky you

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