Thursday, May 20, 2010


This calls for a celebration. This weekend, my radiant, tireless, ever-patient and extremely put-upon mother is turning sixty. (I'm sure she'll bean me for telling you that.)

The stove has been scrubbed. The counters have been polished. The cake has been baked. Tomorrow after work, I'm going to rush home and begin cooking like a fiend-- braised lamb, puff pastry tart, homegrown lettuce salad-- because dinner's at 6:30 and it better be good. Fantastic. Decadent. For this wonderful woman and everything I owe her.


Huhnybee said...

Happy Birthday to your wonderful, amazing, beautiful momma! Hope she has an extra special day.

Becky said...

You and your Mom are lucky gals to have one another!!!

Happy birthday to her.

Hope she doesn't whomp you too hard ;)

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