Monday, May 10, 2010

Going deep

This was a very exciting weekend for us.

All I can say here is, We are one step closer. It might be the right direction. It might not. It might not even be a direction at all, just a little side road, a tangent to the course our life is taking. It could be a dead end-- that possibility is out there, too. But, the only way to find out the answers to all those "could be"s is to get a little closer.

One little step at a time.

I have a hard time standing still. Life is going on, birthdays are encroaching. Dreams are out there, too, but where? Over the next hill, or the next one? Are we getting closer? It's been hard knowing the answers to those questions lately. It's been hard to stay satisfied with what can sometimes feel like stagnation.

Anyone else? The whole dreams vs. reality thing comes up in everyone's life, I would imagine.
The reconciling. The questions. Things are seldom what they seem.

For now, it feels so thrillingly unbelievably good to be moving, even if it's in the wrong direction. Even if this turns out to be a red herring, we may find ourselves closer anyway. Closer, maybe, then we thought.


Karen said...

i can't say i have a clue what you're talking about, but i can't wait to hear more!~

and yes i know what you mean about those intersecting things.

best of luck to you, whatever it is!

p.s. whose guitar?

Kristina Strain said...

Oh, that's one of Patrick's many, many. He's a bit of a collector. :)

Becky said...

I have a guess but do you want us to guess in print or keep it to ourselves?

Whatever it is I hope you and Patrick will be happy. Well, you already ARE happy - you know what I mean, right?

When will you know/tell us?

Kristina Strain said...

Becky-- If it turns out to be a red herring, I probably won't write about it again. It'd be the awesome thing that almost happened, you know? But, if it turns out to be a workable direction, you can probably expect some news within the next two weeks. :)

And yes, we already ARE happy. I know exactly what you mean.

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