Monday, March 1, 2010

Treasure hunting

When one spends an entire Saturday morning trying to buy a sled, and comes up empty-handed, there is only one surefire way to redeem the day. It's called antiquing therapy, and for me, it looked like this. For Patrick, it looked like a 1965 Univox amplifier (another member of our family), which resulted in me getting the booty above for free.

Gotta love them musician-type husbands.

To elaborate a little: Yes, we really weren't able to find any sleds. We tried Salvation Army, Dick's, Kmart, Big Lots, and Lowe's. There were tiki torches, yes, and hammocks, and marigold seeds. No sleds. Crazy capitalism, trying to sell us summer in the middle of winter!

And for the record, there is only one antique store within fifty miles I can drag Patrick into, and it's this one. One of the best. The kind of antique store where the boxes of old postcards and geriatic table lamps mingle with trays of old baubles and button-jars and 1965 Univox amplifiers.


Stephanie said...

Sounds like you both got something really cool! Peace, Stephanie

Low Tide High Style said...

Wonderful finds and I think I have the sister to your new silver piece of jewelry! Mine is a bracelet and I think it belonged to my grandmother or great grandmother!

Kat :)

Kami said...

is that a silver belt? I think it was my mom's when I was a kid! Seriously, she had one JUST LIKE IT. And I loved it. Why didn't I get it?? LOL

Kristina said...

The belt is maybe silver-plated, that's all the antiques guy could tell me.

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