Friday, March 5, 2010


See that sun? The ground might still be frozen and snow-covered, but sunshine makes optimism possible. It's March. Truth is, we're on our way out of winter. On my to-do list for next week is Order garden seeds. That's the most exciting thing since Christmas. What items are on your early-early spring agendas?

Wishing you lots of sunshine, and lots of optimism, this weekend.


Danielle and Clint said...

We need to get our seeds also! Happy indoor gardening!

ladysaphira said...

I just said almost the same thing! Ordering seeds is on my to-do list. Another early sign of spring for me is all the maple-sugar makers on my road tapping and boiling like crazy. The warm march sun makes the sap run!

Kristina said...

Sap buckets are always such a chin-up sign of spring!

Wildrun said...

I need to get black plastic over my raised beds, "just in case" I don't get out there early in the spring to weed them out, as I let them go badly at the very end of last year and they were overtaken by some serious weeds. I don't want them to get a head start on me!

pippapatchwork said...

My early spring agenda involves getting my bike tuned/adjusted so I can get out there and enjoy the sunshin!

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