Tuesday, February 23, 2010

That's using your noodle

Over the weekend, Patrick and I had our first fresh-pasta-making adventure. We threw eggs and flour into our stand mixer. We watched excitedly as it became stretchy, daffodil-colored dough. We folded and pressed (and occasionally cursed) as we fed it through the rollers. And then we turned it into noodles.

And then we sat down and fed ourselves a bowl of daffodil-colored noodles with spicy tomato-pepper sauce. I have the feeling this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


katherine mary said...

when zoey gets older will you make pasta with her? this way she will actually know part of the process where her food comes from instead of a box from weggies.

Kristina said...


Becky said...

I looked long and hard at a pasta maker at the Thrift store this weekend. Decided to wait and check out which ones are rated "best." Would hate to pick up a dud ya know.

It just looks like so much fun!

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