Monday, February 8, 2010

Just one.

It was this sort of weekend. Lots of busy-ness, most of it not-at-all glamorous. Staples were pulled from the couch. In-laws were visited with. Yard after yard of sleek white quarter-round was installed around the perimeter of our bedroom. If possible, it looks even better than it did. Friday and Saturday nights were both spent at the cafe, pouring beer and making sandwiches in time to the music of two terrific live bands (1, 2). When Patrick and I were finally able to catch a breath together Sunday afternoon, we spent it playing Monopoly (he won) and getting lunch at, well, Denny's. See? A good weekend. Not a glamorous one, though.

How did you spend yours?


Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Aw, it sounds lovely. Who needs glamor when you have Monopoly?

Anonymous said...

Obviously, I knit and I sewed! But I kind of wish I'd played Monopoly, it's pretty much my favorite game on the planet. I have nearly every different version (including a sewing one...)!

Kristina said...

They make a sewing Monopoly?! It's a must-have for us, indeed! We just have the regular version.

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