Friday, February 12, 2010

Bits and pieces

Three things making me happy this Friday:

Thrift store ice skates, $2. Would you believe they had three pairs in my size? (I'm a 9!)

A magnificently naked couch. No more staples to pull. Now the fun begins.

Quilt progress.

A fourth thing making me very happy: a long weekend in Vermont, with our friends Jeff and Sarah (and Monroe, and baby Leland). On Tuesday I'll have an update for you all. These folks have a knack for making good times, good food, and good photographs happen. I can't wait.

Have a good weekend everyone! Enjoy Valentine's Day and President's Day, and all the wintry goodness in between.


Anonymous said...

That's a gorgeous quilt!

The Red Thread said...

Thrift store ice skates? I am completely jealous!

I can't wait to see the couch project when it's finished - it's going to be fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE the log cabin! It looks awesome.

You've inspired me to ice skate too. I haven't done that in so long--I always forget how hard it is.

Kristina said...

Thanks everyone! Our local Salvo always has a table full of ice skates this time of year-- I don't know how, or why, but I'm happy!

Pippapatchwork-- I have a feeling I'm going to get a very cold, hard reminder of how hard ice skating is this weekend, too!

Courtney said...

Ooooh, are you recovering your couch? I've wanted to do that to some of our furniture, but I'm not yet brave enough to tackle such a project! Your quilt looks lovely, and so do your ice skates!

katherine mary said...

have a safe drive to VT please hang out extra hugs from the m-c lites. <3 and...I LOVE LOVE LOVE the quilt. I want to crawl underneath it with some tea. heehee.

Earth Girl Knits (Emily) said...

I resonate with you on the big feet thing. I have size 11! I remember going to a sports thrift store a few winters ago looking for my size. I settled with hockey skates and am glad I did. I like the support in the ankles.

Congratulations to you on the skates! They're perfect!

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