Monday, January 11, 2010

New curtains

Step one: Remove old curtains. Make cup of tea. Pace several minutes, with furrowed brow.

Make a pilgrimage to the fabric stash. Stand several minutes, with furrowed brow.

Select old sheet, possibly vintage, thrifted at Salvo a blue moon ago, for two dollars. Tear five inches off the top. Tear in half down the middle.

Finish torn edges with sewing machine. Hang. Step back.



michelle said...

I appreciate this floral pattern, Kristina. Beautiful job!

Becky said...

Don'tcha just love it when a Plan comes together?

Totally awesome curtains!

Kristina said...

It's all the sheet, honest. All I did was finish edges.

I love fabrics that are beautiful without doing anything fussy with them.

The perks of getting to the thrift store early.

Earth Girl Knits (Emily) said...

Very cute! I like your kitty too. :)

katherine mary said...

amazing pattern... and it gives me an idea for Z's curtains...thanks chickadeeee!!! <3

treeathie said...

Cute! Great idea.

Kim at Yellow Brick Home said...

These are so shabby chic! Absolutely love. Great job!

Wish I wasn't so terrified of a sewing machine. I mean, seriously, I actually fear those things. The strings - coming in at all angles. Eek!

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