Monday, November 16, 2009


In accordance with my monstrous, scroll-like Thanksgiving to-do list, I am making ahead as much of the feast as possible. This (hopefully) will result in an organized and sane feast day. It worked last year, that's all I can say.

So, I've been making pie crust.

Complete with stars. Don't you know pie crust tastes better when it's cut into dozens of little stars?

Also, cranberry relish. Later this week, I will make pumpkin pie filling, oatmeal flatbread, a port wine cheese ball, and split the atom with my bare hands. And scrub baseboards!

At this point I think I'm beginning to sound like a Cathy comic strip, so I'll sign off.

Oh, Thanksgiving. The madness you visit upon this household is truly biblical. I still love you, though.


Cassandra said...

I hostess-ed my first Thanksgiving feast last year. Luckily everyone helped by adding a dish. But I must say it was a generous amount of responsibility! I'm thankful to be heading to my folks' for the feast this year. A little less stress for me!

Kristina said...

Cassandra, last year was my first hostessing experience, as well! I'm not sure I could go the potluck route-- it's too much fun to scheme up the menu!

katherine mary said...

stars on the pie? you are too cute, and slightly insane. which, of course, i mean in a very loving way. <3

Becky said...

Kristina, I envy your energy! The star pie is adorable!

Kami said...

You are you're own Cathy comic strip. I love you!

Emily said...

I LOVE the stars! Making pie crust is something I love to do and adding stars would make it as pretty as it is tasty. :)

Karen said...

haha you are funny!! you go girl...i know you'll pull it off without a hitch. and what a nice touch adding star cutouts to the pie crust!!

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