Friday, October 30, 2009

Have you seen my sheep?

I'm not someone known for brilliant, exciting Halloween costumes. I tend to aim for something instantly recognizable (god forbid someone doesn't "get" my costume), which often lands me on the mundane side of the fence. Also, I don't do ghouls or goblins. I want something comfortable (maybe even flattering) and feminine. Last year I was a country singer. Two years ago I was a girl scout. This year I am Little Bo Peep.

If trends continue, I could see a long procession of fable-y characters beginning.

Another plus: costumes like this tend to be pretty easy to pull together. I had a frilly blouse and a frilly skirt, stockings, and shoes. I made myself a little bonnet, and picked up an old cane at an antique shop for $5 (because what's little bo peep without a shepherd's crook?) What are you or your kids' costumes this season?

This weekend finds me headed to Ithaca tonight for some pre-Halloween mayhem and gal time with one of my favorite people. Saturday I'll be working at the cafe--in costume-- and am eagerly anticipating the creatures and characters I will encounter while I'm there. It promises to be a busy one. What are your Halloween plans?


Paddywack Designs said...

I love the costume... I've really taken that philosophy to heart when it comes to my son's costumes (his young enough he lets me.) His first costume was an Avaitor, then a cowboy, this year a short order cook... all costumes put together without the help of Halloween USA. I find those the best kind.

Kristina said...

I completely agree-- saves time, money, and resources. Can't beat it.

Jen said...

Cute costume. C is a shark this year. I made the costume for less than $10. I hope he continues to like homemade ones because forking over $30 for something premade just irks me. I was supposed to dress up for work today but after spending so much effort (I had no pattern and hadn't sewn in years) on C's costume, I just couldn't do anything for myself.

Cassandra said...

Cleopatra. Because this year I have the hair. I'm wrapping hubby up as a mummy.

Kristina said...

Cassandra-- that sounds great! I'm always on the lookout for good hubs/wife costume duos.

Erin Kathleen said...

Very creative! Something I lack!

Call us party poopers but my husband and I aren't really into Halloween.

Emily said...

I'm going to be an owl. My costume was inspired by this blog:

Mrs. Danby said...

Awe, that is so sweet K! I hope you have tons-o-fun on Halloween. Missing you tons.

~C :}

Lisa-Marie said...

How cute!!
I hopr you enjoyed Hallowe'en!

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