Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yesterday evening

There are those of you who may say, sometimes she goes overboard.

Sometimes, she loses track of life's priorities, neglecting her husband and friends for a steaming pot on the stove...

stirring, stirring, stirring and humming, distant and determined...

...filling jars with the feckless abandon of a true lunatic. Some of you will say, this is a problem. This isn't right, this is not how things should be. The kitchen floor should be mopped, and the counter scrubbed. The fruit flies should not encamp themselves in the sink, or in the garbage pail. The stovetop shouldn't bear even a slight resemblance to a Jackson Pollack painting, and dinner should not be postponed for want of more canning.

To all those of you who would say this, I say to you:

You may have a point.


Lisa said...

Oh, girlfriend! I do know what you mean!!!

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