Monday, July 27, 2009

A summer weekend

The arrival of the bountiful harvest. The weathering of warm rainshowers, the bittersweet acknowledgement of the summer's first goldenrod blooms. Morning roadsides fringed on both sides with misty blue chicory. The blossoms close by noon.

The employment of our arsenal of zucchini recipes. The countertop pile of green beasts becomes a permanent fixture. New threats and curses are developed and tested on the fence-scaling, broccoli-munching, tomato-buglaring groundhog which has plagued our garden since the end of June. His new trick: stealing the apricots out of my solar dryer! Rodent-proofing a solar dryer is a topic for an upcoming post.

The gifts of a wet and dreary June: an abundance of mushrooms.

Getting out to the woods for the first time in (what feels like) a month. Vacationing from the steamy kitchen to quiet my mind and observe-- it felt luxurious, almost, after a day of yard saling and a week of canning.

Still life with Breakfast and Terrier. Blueberry jam, plain yogurt, and graham crackers. Sunday morning on the porch.

A Monday morning Morning Glory, a reminder to get up early and greet the day.

I hope your weekend was quinessentially summer, whatever it means to you.


Kami said...

I love that picture of the morning glory! How beautifully and simply perfect!!

PS: yay! I can comment again!

Becky said...

Gorgeous pics! My Petey the Boston Terrier likes how chill your Terrier is!

Kristina said...

Becky-- cool, you have a Boston, too! He's more chill now that he's getting older. I dig it.

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