Thursday, June 25, 2009

Strawberry fields forever...

I was listening to an oldies station as I nosed my car up into the rolling hills above Binghamton, humming and not really paying much attention to the music, until, yup, just as I was careening over the grassy bumps towards a parking spot, those fabulous Beatles started crooning this song. I popped the car into park and laughed. How can you ignore timing as perfect as that?

It was 8:30 in the morning. This was the scene:

Damn son. Berry pickers are some early risin' folks. It seemed like the strawberries took forever to ripen this year. I suppose weeks of dull gray rain will do that. Now that they're finally here, the jammers aren't wasting any time. Myself included.

(And no, I didn't stop here. I didn't stop until I had a full bucket, which came to twelve pounds. Anyone want free berries, swing by my house.)
Once home, I surveyed the scene. I had jars:

(Boy howdy, I had jars.)
I had my canning kitchen-partner-in-crime:
And pretty soon, I had this on the stove:

Which led to this on the windowsill:

And I am one happy woman.


Amanda Nicole said...

I love filled jars on the windowsill! I bet those cast a glorious light.

Kristina said...

Better than stained glass. I love it.

suna said...

they look so good in the window sill. i am making jam in small batches this year as they ripen in my yard. so satifying.

Karli said...

I love it when timing just works out right! Is this Lone Maple? Because I actually saw their commercial for strawberry season the other night and thought of you!

The jam looks awesome... strawberry is my fave! Hope to be seeing you soon!

Kristina said...

Karli-- actually, I went to Apple Hills. I did know Lone Maple offered strawberry picking, but I know their apple picking is pretty good.

Blue is Bleu said...

If I'm dressed and picking strawberries at 8:30am, it means I haven't been to bed yet!

I've informed my husband that we're going fruit picking this year. I don't care what the fruit is, it shall be picked by us.

Kami said...

Ok, time to have all your domestically deficient friends over for a strawberry jam tutorial. In person.
Also, Hi Pete!

Becky said...

Wow! I'm pea-green with envy!

marné said...

Beautiful! I love the IDEA of jam, but the reality is that we don't eat much of it, so I must resist the urge to make more while we still have a couple pints in the cupboard from last Summer.

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